- The average teenage girl becomes sexually active at age 14

- 64% of teen girls are sexually active before age 18

- 50% of teenage girls suffer from insecurity or loneliness and cut themselves

- Suicide is the third highest cause of death among teenage girls

- The US leads the world in highest rate of teenage pregnancy

Tiaras exists to Re-Write the statistics, one teenage girl at a time. Our Mission is to paint a picture of God’s perfect love to every teenage girl we encounter and Re-Writing the statistics of teen pregnancy, promiscuity and suicide.  We want every girl to know their completion comes from God alone and that they are Daughters of a King!


The Tiaras Ball will unravel a night of true love, laughter & worship, letting girls know in profound ways they are loved by God. From photo corners to royal touches, to ending the evening with a crowning ceremony, this event celebrates and honors all the possibilities awaiting teenage girls today when they embrace purity, self-respect, and self-worth.


Interested in bringing TIARAS to your Student Ministry or being the next host site for your region? Or maybe you want to volunteer at one of our upcoming events alongside other passionate people. Our desire is to reach as many teen girls of this generation with a message of true love.

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